My New Great Finds

I’ve been doing a few internet searches on clip art and found that there are two cool places where you can create clip art and edit copyright-free clip art and it’s absolutely wonderful. I’ve created several frames and kids clip art from my find.

One of the resources I found where you can find copyright-free clip art and edit it online is Open Clip Art ( I love the site. You are not bombarded with all kind of ads that redirect you to page after page. Instead you choose your clip art, you download it and edit it on your software or program, or you can edit it right there online. There are several cute doodle drawings of kids, which I love. I was able to add clothing and bodies to the characters and make them my own. I decided to offer them on teachers pay teachers (of course for free, although the terms of agreement does’t require it if you make significant changes to the artwork).

Another great website I found  was Flaming Text ImageBot.( You can create you own digital frames or use sticker frames and then taylor them to your needs. They also have an array of kids clip art, facial features, and so much more.

Here are a few examples:


pink heart fame

Lil boy 2

You can find all of these  and much more for free at

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